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Here we have a selection of different personal projects that I have had a bit of fun with.
What Might Have Been: Fun with Fan Art...

There are many projects that I have worked on OR wished to have where I pondered where they might have gone if​ the opportunity had arisen. Here are some of my speculative works on that theme...


Excerpts from The Lunch Bag Blog... (2010 - Present)

Welcome to samples of a bit of my silliness, The Lunch Bag Blog. Herein shall you find my daily excursion to amuse my three children by decorating their lunch bags. As an animation designer I draw everyday, working to bring the Saturday Morning Goodness to the masses... but each day begins my doodling for my three munchkins in the endeavor to give them a grin throughout their day at school. Take a gander. Mayhap something here will amuse you too.  To see more, go check out


Art Book Sketches...

Here we have a selection of original sketches for folks who have picked up my book "The Art of T.N.Perkins IV". My thanks to everyone who picked up the book. 



Nelson Reseda P.I.

The streets of Playa Largo tend toward graft, corruption, and more than a little generalized villainy... In these trying times, Nelson Reseda  P.I. is there to lend a hand.


The Late Night Sketchamathingie....

At the end of the day, I often have random ideas rushing across my minds eye... to this end there are the Late Night Sketchamathingies... Cheers!



Here we have a few of my work samples from a run of the shows I wish I grew up with... Cheers!



Here we have a few of my work samples from this year's tokusatsu themed #tokutember drawing challenge... Cheers!


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